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Resident Experts

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Larchfield House is undertaking a case study to understand the importance of “Resident Experts” (Patient Experts) is our person-centered approach to the wellbeing of individuals who have an interest and ability in their health care.

Residents should be considered a full-fledged partner of the health care delivery team and the resident’s experiential knowledge is recognised. The aim of our ongoing study is to show how residents view their engagement with healthcare professionals regarding their direct care. Residents may describe themselves as proactively engaging in three types of practice, regardless of health professionals’ openness to their role as partners.

  1. The first is, the process of continuous learning that allows them to acquire experiential knowledge about their health, as well as scientific information and technical know-how.

  2. The second involves their assessment of the healthcare they receive, in terms of its quality and how it aligns with their personal preferences. It includes their assessment of the quality of their relationship with the health professional and of the latter’s scientific knowledge and technical know-how.

  3. The third type, adaptation practices, builds on residents learning and assessments to compensate for and adapt to what has been perceived as optimal or non-optimal health or healthcare circumstances. Residents appear to play a more active and less docile role in their own direct care if the partnership or the degree to which the health professional seeks to encourage patient engagement.

Note: Capacity does play a part in this study and a cautious professional approach will always be taken to ensure all outcomes are considered and safe.

For more details visit our dementia care home website or visit Dementia Symptoms page.

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