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BBC release new BBC Music Memories website and Radio in aid of Dementia

Thursday 26th September is officially BBC Music Day and the BBC have been actively working on events and websites as part of the day including working for the first time, towards bringing music to people living with Dementia.

As part of this initiative, the BBC has launched a BBC Music memories website which aims to stimulate memories through music and is specifically designed to be used by someone with Dementia. The website includes numerous subcategories that will help people living with Dementia to reminisce including a Classical music and Social music category that has sub categories like pub classics and football songs from the past.

The website has been designed in a way to help people with Dementia start to create a playlist of personally meaningful music. These playlists can be added to a database of the nations favourite music via a survey embedded in the website and printed off to create a record of someone’s selection. As well as this, there is also the BBC Memory Radio, which will be hosted on the Memories website, offering an immersive experience. Memory Radio, features specially selected content from the BBC Radio Archives, decade by decade to create an audio experience specifically for people living with Dementia. When this is launched, there will be three 90- minute programmes that cover the 1940s, through to the 1960s.

Each of these programmes have been developed using focus groups of people including Dementia experts and professional carers. Each programme is accompanied by a downloadable Activity sheet that includes information about the content and quizzes.

Take a look at the website here to see what the BBC have been able to produce: https://musicmemories.bbcrewind.co.uk/

Dave Mac entertains for our Music Week in collaboration with the BBC

Dave Mac dazzled the residents with his exuberant singing and dancing. His energy was so catching. Dave sang songs from Twisting the Night Away to Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Oak Tree. Some of the songs really hit the spot and twisting was definitely on the agenda for the ladies and gentleman along with singing and whooping. This was another incredible session, bringing music alive for our residents.

5 Star hygiene rating

Here at Larchfield we strive to provide you with the best food and drink for our residents. At the core of everything we do, we have to maintain perfect hygiene to prevent any possible issues for our residents. So when we were awarded a 5 Star rating for our Food Service Provision we knew this was what was deserved with Andre and his team working tirelessly to maintain the best standard possible.

Well done to Andre and his team, we are very proud

Larchfield Music Evening in collaboration with BBC Music Day

On the 21st September, we celebrated BBC Music Day with our residents by hosting an evening of music including performances by Terry James and Steve Simone. It was a night to remember for our residents and their families with the weather turning out beautifully and the residents all up on their feet singing and dancing along to the entertainment. One gentleman in particularly danced all night and still had energy for more dancing at the end of the evening.

We at Larchfield, would just like to thank everyone that supported us including all the staff, our volunteer Kathy, who helped make sure the evening was a success and also our maintenance man Attila, who not only put the marquee and lighting up but also helped to built us a stage. Well done everyone!

#Larchfield House #Music Night in Collaboration with the #BBC

A Night to remember!!  The weather was wonderful, turning out as a lovely balmy evening. Our two entertainer’s #Terry James and #Steve Simone sang their hearts out and the residents and families had an amazing time. Residents, families and staff danced, from chair dancing to swaying hands in the air to the music. One gentleman danced the night away and still had energy for more at the end.  I would like to thank the families who supported us, all the staff,  Kathy our volunteer who helped make the evening a success and our lovely maintenance man Attila, who not only put the marquee and lighting up but built us the stage. Well done everyone!!!

BBC Music Day

Saturday is BBC Music Day and we at Larchfield House are committed to celebrating the power of music with our residents. Tomorrow morning, we have organised a singing activity for our residents to get them all together and enjoying the music ahead of our planned music event on Saturday evening.

On the 21st September, we will be holding a musical event with performances from Terry James and Steve Simone, which will be held in the marquee in the garden. This event will begin at 5:30pm, with a 9pm finish with refreshments available on the day. You’re encouraged to come along and enjoy the evening with your loved ones, for what will be an enjoyable evening for all the family!

Samuel L. Jackson heads up #Sharetheorange campaign for Alzheimers Research U.K

Samuel L. Jackson has joined a campaign started by Alzheimers U.K to help end the common misconceptions about the disease that he and many others have had to deal with. The campaign has previously seen celebrities such as Bryan Cranston and Christopher Ecclestone helping to spread awareness. The #Sharetheorange campaign, is a campaign in which the public are being encouraged the challenge the misconceptions of Dementia, getting people to think ahead about the disease such as the idea that it is just a natural part of ageing. Sam has had to deal with many members of his family being diagnosed with the disease which he describes in the video. “I have been surrounded by Dementia for most of my life. My grandfather was my best friend growing up, so it was heart-breaking for me to see him not know who I was. The same thing happened soon after my mother was diagnosed along with both her brother and sister. My aunt on my fathers side also had dementia”.

The campaign has chosen an orange as it signifies the weight of the brain after it has been affected by Alzheimers. In the new video by Aardman animations, Jackson states: “The damage to a brain with Alzheimers can leave it weighing 140g less then a healthy brain. That’s around the weight of an orange and proves to us this is a physical disease”.

Alzheimers U.K official video

Reference URL- https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/samuel-l-jackson-wants-end-to-cruel-disease-that-ravaged-his-family-38500959.html

If you would like to find out more about Dementia, why not visit our website? https://larchfield.care/

An advanced MRI scan can help predict stroke-related Dementia

Advancements in technology have made it easier for practitioners to diagnose diseases that were previously tough to predict and sometimes would go undetected. A study found that advanced MRI brain scan analysis in patients with stroke related diseases can help predict cognitive problems and even Dementia. The study evaluated the new MRI analysis technique that uses diffusion tenor imaging, in predicting memory problems and dementia related to small vessel disease. A single scan processes the brain in fine detail to find damaged areas. By comparing these areas to a healthy person, researchers were able to classify the brain into healthy and damaged tissue. The research concluded that patients with high levels of brain damage were more likely to develop memory problems. The analysis also predicted 3/4 of the Dementia cases that occurred during the study.

The study conducted included a total of 99 patients with small vessel disease caused by ischemic stroke- a type of stroke that blocks blood vessels deep within the brain. Of the people studied, 1/3 of them were Female and the average age was over 68, with the majority being Caucasian. The patients underwent MRI scans annually for 3 years and partook in memory tests for a five year period. Eighteen patients were diagnosed with Dementia in that time with the average time for onset around 3 years and 4 months.

Reference URL- https://www.newkerala.com/news/read/210023/advanced-mri-brain-scan-can-predict-stroke-related-dementia.html

If you would like to find out more, please visit our website https://larchfield.care/

Larchfield House news

Work Experience for BCA students

Students from the Berkshire College of Agriculture have registered for work experience with us here at Larchfield House, where we are working with BCA to support students career paths. Kiera, one of our previous employees on work experience is now a member of staff at Larchfield as a Junior Carer and has found her vocation as a dedicated, professional part of our team. Kiera is a great example to us all!

We have already have a list of BCA students applying for work experience for this year. If you would like to know more about placement opportunities why not give us a call on 01628 639428

This quarter care awards

Staff and families vote for the best carer of the quarter, below are our winners.

Some of the feedback that we got about these members of staff included.

“Good leader”

“Listens to the concerns of our residents”

“Honest, friendly and considerate”

We at Larchfield House would like to congratulate Surinder, Beverley and Pavel for their dedicated hard work, well done to all!

*Please note if you would like to vote for a member of staff, the voting slips are on the reception areas in each community

Silent Disco brings back nostalgia for Dementia residents

The idea was inspired by Gillian Machaffie, who was encouraged to bring music to care homes and people living with Dementia when she saw the effect it had on her mother in law. Gillian says she was stunned to see her mother in law dancing and singing and science is supporting the evidence she has seen on her visits, music can change lives.

So far residents are most connected by songs such as Hey Jude by the Beatles and Scottish singer Andy Stewart. The power of music with Dementia is very emotional, Gillian described how many families were brought to tears as they saw their loved ones dancing and singing and being very happy. People living with Dementia have found a new lease of life with a special silent disco that gets them dancing and singing their favourite songs by artists such as the Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Older residents living in Glasgow are putting on their headphones and the results are heart-warming, the music is often from their youth and brings back memories and is able to bring some people back to normality- if only briefly. One couple during the disco were singing and dancing with each other for an hour and a half. The silent disco is one of the only times where strong memories come through and the residents are all cheerful and reminiscent.

Reference URL- https://metro.co.uk/2019/08/28/oaps-with-dementia-find-new-lease-of-life-with-silent-discos-at-care-home-10644329/

To find out more about Dementia, visit our website, you can even check out our activities chart which includes karaoke with our residents. https://larchfield.care/