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Activities in late stages of Dementia

We need to remember when providing activities for people living with dementia that we ensure we preserve their dignity at all times. In the later stages, sensory activities can be successful, touch, sound and vision. In Larchfield’s main activity room we have a fish video display playing in down times with soothing music, so when the residents decide to go and have sit or a chat they are able to enjoy watching the fish and listening to the music.

dementia stages - dementia care home Maidenhead Berkshire

Having different textured objects for people to feel and touch or twiddle muffs which tend to be great for tactile experiences. Soft toys, particularly cats or dogs but even better still pet therapy is always amazing and brings great joy to the residents.

If you would like to know more about our Activities why not visit our website dementia care home website or take a look at Larchfield House Facebook page.

The link below offers information and advice on suitable activities.


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