Alzheimer’s Society Reply To The Prime Ministers Speech

Oct 3, 2019

The UKs leading Dementia charity, Alzheimer’s Society, responded to Boris Johnsons speech this week at the Conservative Party Conference.

Sally Copley, who is the Director of Policy and Affairs at the Alzheimer’s Society, said:

“I cannot begin to say how disappointing it is that social care has been barely discussed in today’s speech. The Prime Minister promised he would sort out the social care crisis once and for all. But so far we haven’t seen a single step further in terms of detailed plans- we hope the Prime Ministers resolve isn’t wavering.”

She also went on to say. “We hear all the time through our Fix Dementia Care campaign about families who have been struggling daily with worryingly inadequate Dementia care and crippling costs. More people’s live savings are running out, more people with Dementia are stuck needlessly in hospital wasting NHS resources and hurting families and the situation is only getting more desperate.

People affected by Dementia deserve so much better. Our plea to the Prime Minister and his government is- don’t let people with Dementia down. They must fix Dementia care and they must now tell the country how they are going to do it, so it works like the NHS and other public services, where everyone has access to high-quality care based on need, not ability to pay.”

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