Animal assisted therapy and nutrition for Alzheimer disease

Mar 4, 2019

There is no end to the study taking place for supporting and helping people living with Dementia. This study was around animal therapy, which in this case was fish aquariums placed in dining rooms to see if this had any impact of the nutritional intake of the sixty two individuals living with AD, the studies were based in specialized units.

Existing nutritional data was obtained as a starting point, then followed by a two week observation period when the aquariums were introduced, this was done on a daily basis. Then subsequently on a six week basis. There were significant increases of nutritional intake when the aquariums were introduced and a consistent increase followed over the sixteen week period. And as a result the ladies and gentlemen also needed less nutritional supplements.

An interesting experiment which proved to be successful, one wonders if the calming effect created a more relaxing environment to eat in.

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