BBC Release Memories Website And Radio In Aid Of Dementia

Sep 27, 2019

Thursday 26th September is officially BBC Music Day and the BBC have been actively working on events and websites as part of the day including working for the first time, towards bringing music to people living with Dementia.

As part of this initiative, the BBC has launched a BBC Music memories website which aims to stimulate memories through music and is specifically designed to be used by someone with Dementia. The website includes numerous subcategories that will help people living with Dementia to reminisce including a Classical music and Social music category that has sub categories like pub classics and football songs from the past.

The website has been designed in a way to help people with Dementia start to create a playlist of personally meaningful music. These playlists can be added to a database of the nations favourite music via a survey embedded in the website and printed off to create a record of someone’s selection. As well as this, there is also the BBC Memory Radio, which will be hosted on the Memories website, offering an immersive experience. Memory Radio, features specially selected content from the BBC Radio Archives, decade by decade to create an audio experience specifically for people living with Dementia. When this is launched, there will be three 90- minute programmes that cover the 1940s, through to the 1960s.

Each of these programmes have been developed using focus groups of people including Dementia experts and professional carers. Each programme is accompanied by a downloadable Activity sheet that includes information about the content and quizzes.

Take a look at the website here to see what the BBC have been able to produce: