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Catering Menu – Dementia Care Home UK

Nutrition is part of the wellness we promote along with Hydration both of which enhance the health of the residents. At Larchfield House we took a different approach to providing a nutritional menu that supports the residents demographic. With predominantly Dementia residents we challenged the Head chef to gain some knowledge of the personal favourites of the residents currently in residence. We felt strongly that we promote choice and the importance of personal cantered care.

The chef and catering team spoke to all the residents with some support from the relatives and loved ones in finding out what the residents favourite foods are or was. This information is important as recognition of familiar foods and meals helps better and sustained nutrition for the residents, to put in simple terms we offer the food they enjoy, recognise and remember. We took it one stage further by incorporating Dementia friendly foods that research has shown has benefits for the wellbeing and health benefits. We looked at the menu balance incorporating the 5 a day principle, allergen recognition and identification, full nutritional breakdown, we also considered the implication of soft and pureed diets to minimise altering the menu too much to accommodate specialist diets and keep the menu choices the intact from individual preferences.

Larchfield’s Nutritionally balanced Menus

Download or View – Week 1 Menu  | Download or View –  Week 2 Menu

Download or View – Week 3 Menu |  Download or View – Week 4 Menu