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Job Description: Carer
• To maintain care skills at a current level and undertake such training and development as may from time-to-time be required to maintain practices as up-to-date.
• To provide leadership to the care functions of Larchfield House.
• To provide care in accordance with current best practices, according to policy and procedures, agreed standards, legislative requirements, relevant regulations under the direction of the Manager, and within the financial plans agreed from time-to-time.

21 shifts per month
£9.50 (Weekends)
Less than 21 shifts
£9.20 (Weekends)

17 shifts (inc weekends)
£10.50 (Weekends)
Less than 17
£10.20 (Weekends)

17 shifts
£11.50 (Weekends)
Less than 17
£11.20 (weekends)

All pay rates are per hour rates