Larchfield’s Website Launch

Sep 28, 2018

The release of our new website is much more representative of our ethos and where we currently are as a community.  As there were many aesthetic elements changed within the house, we felt the need to update our site to coincide with the refreshing design of the home. With a more dynamic and interactive layout, we have made the site more user-friendly which means that once clicking onto the site you are guided more easily to what you are looking for. We have added a LiveChat section to the website which will allow for instant replies 24/7. The new website adds to the re-branding of Larchfield House and the more modern approach focuses on our “innovative” ethos. The website was purposefully designed to steer away from the stereotypical expectations of a Care Home website as this is not what we want to represent. Being an independent care home allows for more freedom with the choices that we make as a community.