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Dave Mac entertains for our Music Week in collaboration with the BBC

Dave Mac dazzled the residents with his exuberant singing and dancing. His energy was so catching. Dave sang songs from Twisting the Night Away to Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Oak Tree. Some of the songs really hit the spot and twisting was definitely on the agenda for the ladies and gentleman along with singing and whooping. This was another incredible session, bringing music alive for our residents.

5 Star hygiene rating

Here at Larchfield we strive to provide you with the best food and drink for our residents. At the core of everything we do, we have to maintain perfect hygiene to prevent any possible issues for our residents. So when we were awarded a 5 Star rating for our Food Service Provision we knew this was what was deserved with Andre and his team working tirelessly to maintain the best standard possible.

Well done to Andre and his team, we are very proud

Larchfield Music Evening in collaboration with BBC Music Day

On the 21st September, we celebrated BBC Music Day with our residents by hosting an evening of music including performances by Terry James and Steve Simone. It was a night to remember for our residents and their families with the weather turning out beautifully and the residents all up on their feet singing and dancing along to the entertainment. One gentleman in particularly danced all night and still had energy for more dancing at the end of the evening.

We at Larchfield, would just like to thank everyone that supported us including all the staff, our volunteer Kathy, who helped make sure the evening was a success and also our maintenance man Attila, who not only put the marquee and lighting up but also helped to built us a stage. Well done everyone!

BBC Music Day

Saturday is BBC Music Day and we at Larchfield House are committed to celebrating the power of music with our residents. Tomorrow morning, we have organised a singing activity for our residents to get them all together and enjoying the music ahead of our planned music event on Saturday evening.

On the 21st September, we will be holding a musical event with performances from Terry James and Steve Simone, which will be held in the marquee in the garden. This event will begin at 5:30pm, with a 9pm finish with refreshments available on the day. You’re encouraged to come along and enjoy the evening with your loved ones, for what will be an enjoyable evening for all the family!

Larchfield House news

Work Experience for BCA students

Students from the Berkshire College of Agriculture have registered for work experience with us here at Larchfield House, where we are working with BCA to support students career paths. Kiera, one of our previous employees on work experience is now a member of staff at Larchfield as a Junior Carer and has found her vocation as a dedicated, professional part of our team. Kiera is a great example to us all!

We have already have a list of BCA students applying for work experience for this year. If you would like to know more about placement opportunities why not give us a call on 01628 639428

This quarter care awards

Staff and families vote for the best carer of the quarter, below are our winners.

Some of the feedback that we got about these members of staff included.

“Good leader”

“Listens to the concerns of our residents”

“Honest, friendly and considerate”

We at Larchfield House would like to congratulate Surinder, Beverley and Pavel for their dedicated hard work, well done to all!

*Please note if you would like to vote for a member of staff, the voting slips are on the reception areas in each community

Larchfield House Music Evening

BBC Music Day is just around the corner, a recognised day for the U.K to celebrate music and it’s power and ability to change lives. This year the BBC have launched a new project lead by music icon Nile Rodgers to help bring music to people living with Dementia. An idea that has inspired many around the country to host events for people living with Dementia. In conjunction with BBC Music Day, Larchfield House are hosting a musical evening on Saturday the 21st September which will feature performances by Terry James and Steve Simone. With a 5:30 start and a finish of 9pm, more then three hours of musical entertainment is sure to put a smile on the residents face. So why not come along and see for yourself?

For more information about the event, don’t hesitate to call on 01628 639428, ext 204 or email Jane at Wellbeing-homecare@larchfield.care

And for more information about BBC Music Day follow the link below https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/e2gfbp

Have you got any time to spare to volunteer?

Larchfield House Dementia Care Specialist Care Home

Larchfield are always looking for volunteers, if you have a few hours to spare during the week or even at the weekend we would love to hear from you.

Volunteering can make a big difference to someone’s life seeing you on a regular basis for social interaction and stimulation. This in turn can give you a feeling of personal accomplishment knowing you are making a difference to someone’s life.

It is said that the benefits to a volunteer can be as far reaching as boosting your psychological wellbeing.

Our current volunteers help from the activities and stimulation perspective through to one to ones. You can listen to some wonderful stories about our resident’s lives, get to know what kind of music they like or what they did for a career. As the weather improves this gives us great opportunities to sit in our lovely garden with a cup of tea, piece of cake and a chat. Joining in with larger activities is always welcome, from singing to watching a lovely musical or old time western.

If you would like to know more about becoming a volunteer at Larchfield House why not take a look at our website www.larchfield.care , give Jane a call on 01628 635936 Ext 205 or come in to meet the team and have a chat.

Larchfield Family Support Group

Larchfield Family Support Group – This is an informal group for families to meet other relatives, get to know them and have someone to share their feelings and emotions with. The next dates for the group are the 3rd August and 31st August all at 2pm to 4pm. Any queries please call Jane on 01628 639428 Ext: 204.

Why not come along and meet some other relatives for a chat over a nice cup of coffee!

Larchfield House Exercise Morning

This just goes to show you how much fun you can have with exercise, which should of course be on a regular basis. We have gentle exercise scheduled every week including one session a month with our new G-Fitness exercise Instructor. Other regular exercise is with music and movement and also those lovely walks in our garden.

This is one of our residents trying out our new pedal exercise machine. If you would like more information on our activities please see our July Schedule or give us a call on 01628 639428