Samuel L. Jackson heads up #Sharetheorange campaign for Alzheimers Research U.K

Sep 16, 2019

Samuel L. Jackson has joined a campaign started by Alzheimers U.K to help end the common misconceptions about the disease that he and many others have had to deal with. The campaign has previously seen celebrities such as Bryan Cranston and Christopher Ecclestone helping to spread awareness. The #Sharetheorange campaign, is a campaign in which the public are being encouraged the challenge the misconceptions of Dementia, getting people to think ahead about the disease such as the idea that it is just a natural part of ageing. Sam has had to deal with many members of his family being diagnosed with the disease which he describes in the video. “I have been surrounded by Dementia for most of my life. My grandfather was my best friend growing up, so it was heart-breaking for me to see him not know who I was. The same thing happened soon after my mother was diagnosed along with both her brother and sister. My aunt on my fathers side also had dementia”.

The campaign has chosen an orange as it signifies the weight of the brain after it has been affected by Alzheimers. In the new video by Aardman animations, Jackson states: “The damage to a brain with Alzheimers can leave it weighing 140g less then a healthy brain. That’s around the weight of an orange and proves to us this is a physical disease”.

Alzheimers U.K official video

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