Expertly trained and professional staff

The Senior management team at Larchfield House have combined their skills, knowledge, and experience to provide outstanding care in an exceptional environment but they can only achieve that with the dedicated team of healthcare professionals who are passionate about delivering that outstanding safe uncompromised care, with humility, compassion, and dignity

Cliff Grand-Scrutton

Director and General Manager

Cliff is based at Larchfield House with over 30 year’s experience in executive and senior management roles. Cliff has been the catalyst in driving, relentlessly to make Larchfield House an exceptional environment for dementia care. With the experience and qualifications over a broad spectrum of specialisms no stone is left unturned by Cliff. He motivates the team to excel in everything they do and values his team and develops them to progress and improve as individuals and as a team.

Auxy Mashanda

Clinical Services Manager

Auxy is an integral part of Larchfield House with her extensive experience and knowledge gained as a practicing RGN for many years, she has developed the clinical team to aspire to achieve excellence every day. Her knowledge of Dementia in its many forms is outstanding and these skills and knowledge is highly valuable to Larchfield House and the resident’s whose home this is. This provdes a Safe, Effective and Well-led environment where you or your loved ones can be safe and are encouraged to express themselves and continue to live a fulfilled, stimulated and active life.

Kelly Hornblow

Governance and Training manager

Kelly is dedicated and is evidence that you can be home grown within the family at Larchfield House. Having worked in many roles gaining the knowledge experience and qualifications, it was an very obvious choice for Cliff to promote her into this current role. That has proven to be the right decision as the attention to detail in regard to ensuring the care plans for the residents is up to date, accurate and personal centred. As a Dementia friends champion Kelly educates on the subject with a passion for sharing her knowledge to increase awareness and to help others. She is also responsible for the in depth training program for all the team ensuring the standards are maintained and the skillset constantly improved.

Sharon Withers

Compliance Manager

Sharon has many years’ experience in administration roles at senior level and adds a robust and knowledge to ensure process and policy is up to date and communicated to the team. Compliance is highly important within the health care industry and Larchfield House strives to be at the forefront of innorvation and compliance. Sharon also acts as the Personal assistant to the Director to support his desire and passion in continuingly improving the quality and care we provide at Larchfield.

Jane Parker

Wellbeing and Activities Lead

Jane has been with Larchfield for two years, previously responsible for the activities, Now responsible for the wellbeing of the residents, which involves many aspects and overlaps with all the care aspects of the residents. She will ensure that individual needs are met and explores opportunities to offer a diverse interactive and personal centre approach. With group activities and one to one sessions the approach from Jane and her team is to provide a variety of experiences to enhance the life and wellbeing of the residents.