The Restaurant that makes mistakes

Jun 30, 2019

I thought I would mention this programme, basically it’s about a group of ladies and gentlemen living with dementia working in a restaurant. This is an incredible eye opener to how people are treated when diagnosed with dementia. One gentleman reported back to his employer that he had dementia, he was terminated almost straight away. This to me is definitely ignorance and discrimination.

If you watch the programme it is wonderful to see when given an opportunity to work, although it may take a little bit longer and contain some confusion, why would you take away normality without even giving a person a chance. Is this normal to lose your job with a diagnosis of onset dementia, how can that be right? What is in place to protect and secure. Can you imagine you have just been told you have dementia, which is frightening in itself and then on top of that before you have even had time to get your head around the implications you lose your job as well!!!

I would welcome any thoughts on this. See the link below to catch up

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