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Living Well With Dementia

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“Living well with Dementia”

This is a quote used by Dementia Friends sessions that explains in descriptive, plain language about dementia. But I have been challenged on this quote as to how this is possible. It’s very easy to take a negative view on dementia or Alzheimer’s but your approach and perspective is critical within reason to how a person’s life can actually be enriched and happy within this condition. Fran never had the chance to get the help and care of a care home such as Larchfield. She sadly only had her opinionated husband and her daughter to look after her.

Her husband didn’t understand her dementia and treated her with what he thought was the very best but turned out to be with anger and resentment. Fran was a gentle soul and never became agitated which was amazing as the lack of understanding and dominance from her husband was quite overbearing. This is where we have to stand back and look at what is best for our loved ones, should we struggle or should we get the very best support and help from a care home. Larchfield pride itself in the person centred, caring and professional approach they take for each and every resident. Living well with dementia is about having the best care, stimulation, respect and individual understanding of my needs. This is something Fran never had!

If you would like to come along to a Dementia Friends session or visit us and speak to a member of the team on an individual and confidential basis, join us for a coffee in the Reflections Café at Larchfield House. For further information Contact us on 01628 639428 Ext: 205 or visit our website Dementia care home

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