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A well-balanced diet is vital to ensuring our resident's health and wellbeing is maintained at all times. Our Catering Team provide all of our residents with highly nutritious food which is personalised for them, in order to meet their individual needs.
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We provide our residents with high quality nutrition to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Our nutritional menu is designed to support each resident according to their needs and preferences.  Our experienced catering team maintains regular contact with all residents to ensure their diet is personalised.
Our Catering Team also works in conjunction with our Clinical Team to ensure the needs of our residents are being met at all times.

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Wellbeing Team

Our varied and extensive menu helps to promote wellness through nutrition and hydration.

At Larchfield House, we’ve adopted a unique approach to crafting a nutritious menu that aligns with our residents’ preferences. Our challenge to the Head Chef was clear: delve into the favourite dishes of our residents and devise a menu that not only satisfies their taste buds but also meets nutritional balance.

The Chef, along with the catering team, engaged with each resident, with the invaluable support of their relatives, to understand their culinary preferences. This personalised approach is crucial, as familiarity with beloved foods and meals plays a pivotal role in sustaining nutrition for our residents. In essence, we offer the comfort of foods that our residents enjoy, recognise, and cherish.

Taking it a step further, we’ve incorporated Dementia-friendly foods that research has demonstrated to be beneficial for both health and overall well-being. Our commitment extends to embracing the 5-a-day principle, ensuring that residents receive a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Additionally, we carefully consider the implications of soft and pureed diets, catering to the diverse dietary needs of our residents.

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