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Dementia Nursing Care

Larchfield House is designed to provide a secure, caring, and friendly environment for those living with early to late-stage dementia with other underlying conditions. Our Clinical and Care Teams are experienced in managing behaviours that challenge but more importantly work to identify the triggers that may cause them.
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Central to dementia care is the staff, who keep each individual resident's experiences, likes and dislikes and family history at the forefront of their care to support their spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

At the heart of dementia care lies our dedicated team, prioritising each resident’s unique experiences, preferences, dislikes, and family history to address their spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Specially trained to navigate the unpredictable nature of the condition, our team excels in managing the symptoms of dementia.

Recognising the importance of personal and sensitive communication, our team facilitates meaningful interactions. We actively encourage residents to maintain their individual identities and uphold their preferred lifestyles. Furthermore, our team are adept at identifying signs of distress and responding with a calming approach to diffuse challenging situations.

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