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The Decision – Placing Your Loved One In A Care Home

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This is something that is very hard to decide. If you have been living with someone for many years and now you are not able to cope with their care and you have to decide to move them into a care home, the end of your home life relationship.

There are feelings of loss, finality, grief, guilt, a turning point which none of us want to reach. Guilt is a major player in the feelings people experience but we have to understand that the needs of the person we are caring for are paramount. Everyone is different but as Dementia or Alzheimer’s progresses, continence, eating issues and behaviour can be a 24hr care situation. We need to remember to look after ourselves as mentioned in a previous article Molly who looks after Jack, who is doubly incontinent and also quite a big man, Molly is exhausted all the time and struggles to cope but feels duty bound to soldier on. So who is this best for, I would say neither as Molly’s health is suffering and because she is so tired she struggles to keep an even temper with Jack, so is this good care for Jack?

If you have the peace of mind that your loved one is being well looked after and you are able to visit as often as you like and have quality time rather than from an overwhelmed aspect. At Larchfield there are no restrictions on visiting your loved ones, we also understand that family members need support and we are here to listen and help in whatever way possible. We have a relative’s gateway so family are able to look at the care notes and see pictures of what their loved ones have been doing. Staff are always available to help and answer your questions. We always ask when we have a new resident that their family put together a Life History, this can be a key to unlocking memories and getting to know the likes and dislikes of a person. We take pride in our approach which is person centred and we remember at all times that this is our resident’s home. Contact Larchfield House – dementia care home for more details.

Finding a care home and sorting out the funding issues can also be stressful, doing research and visiting homes, so you can be reassured that your loved one will be well looked after. Understanding how the funding or payment system works can be found on the care home website

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