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Work Experience At Larchfield House

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Larchfield House facilitate three Berkshire College of Agriculture (BCA) students for work experience for their NVQ Level 2 – Health and Social Care, working alongside the BCA ensuring we provide the right kind of experience and coverage of their curriculum. Kiera, Angel and Madeen are enjoying their work experience week at Larchfield and are keen to learn.

The girls are joining in with the activity team and helping to engage and entertain our residents. On the other side they are observing and getting to understand what caring for our resident’s means. They are also covering care plans, policies and procedures along with understanding the different types of dementia and what effects this can cause, along with moving and handling training with our Clinical Governance Manager, Kelly Hornblow. They are also working with the Wellbeing Manager, Jane Parker to gain knowledge on how to communicate on the right level and how to speak and approach ladies and gentlemen who are frustrated and agitated, and to understand the causes behind this. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to work with the girls and the college to further their education and knowledge of the care sector.

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