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Dementia And Pets

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Ok so who could resist!!

Studies on pets and their relationships with humans has suggested that pets are good for us. The animals bring a calming feel good factor that helps reduce blood pressure, heart rate and the release of serotonin, which can only be good.

Also animals have unconditional love and loyalty and most of our residents have always had pets in their lives. Pet visits can help with aggression and anxiety along with depression. Watching someone become animated and happy when greeted by an animal is a magical moment.

Pat Shipman’s review of John Bradshaw’s book The Animals Among Us, Pat puts forward a view that humans and species that find it worthwhile, negotiate a common language which is nether human nor animal. Basically the book is about trying to understand Mans relationship with animals and their domestication.

Obviously, when inviting a dog into the home it has to be of good temperament and well trained. We have several families that bring their dogs in to visit their loved ones, not only are they well behaved but are always pleased to greet our residents.

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