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Here’s An Interesting Humanistic Approach Article On Dementia

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In Japan there are thousands of people living with dementia and one of there problems is that people tend to wander then get lost, this is quoted as a high priority problem as the numbers are in the thousands. They have now created identification badges and also have developed thumb sized trackers to help find the people and get them to safety. It states that some are actually never found. They also have groups who go round checking on people living alone with dementia, these they say are easy to spot because of the state of the houses or dwellings. This has unfortunately led them to find people who have passed away on their own with no one to notice they have not been seen for a while. This is an inspirational little video and shows you how working with the community can bring great benefit and care to those living with dementia. This video is brought to us by Nobe Media AB and the BBC. Please follow the link below to watch the video.

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