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Silent Disco Brings Back Nostalgia For Dementia Residents

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The idea was inspired by Gillian Machaffie, who was encouraged to bring music to care homes and people living with Dementia when she saw the effect it had on her mother in law. Gillian says she was stunned to see her mother in law dancing and singing and science is supporting the evidence she has seen on her visits, music can change lives.

So far residents are most connected by songs such as Hey Jude by the Beatles and Scottish singer Andy Stewart. The power of music with Dementia is very emotional, Gillian described how many families were brought to tears as they saw their loved ones dancing and singing and being very happy. People living with Dementia have found a new lease of life with a special silent disco that gets them dancing and singing their favourite songs by artists such as the Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Older residents living in Glasgow are putting on their headphones and the results are heart-warming, the music is often from their youth and brings back memories and is able to bring some people back to normality- if only briefly. One couple during the disco were singing and dancing with each other for an hour and a half. The silent disco is one of the only times where strong memories come through and the residents are all cheerful and reminiscent.

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To find out more about Dementia, visit our website, you can even check out our activities chart which includes karaoke with our residents.

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