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Summer BBQ Fest at Larchfield House

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What better way to celebrate the start of summer than with a scorching ‘Summer BBQ Fest‘ at Larchfield House? On Friday, July 21, 2023, from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM, we cordially invite you and your family to join us for an afternoon of delectable cuisine, thrilling attractions, terrific music, and excellent companionship. We will provide all the information you need about this event in our blog, which you will want to take advantage of! At Larchfield House, we believe in creating vibrant and inclusive environments where our residents can thrive and find joy in every season of life. As the summer sun shines bright, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming ‘BBQ Summer Fest’ at our dementia care home. In this blog, we will explore the compelling reasons why we celebrate this special event, highlighting how it brings warmth, connection, and a sense of belonging to our residents.

Event Details: 
Date: Friday, July 21, 2023 
Time: 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM 
Location: Larchfield House Grounds

Elvis impersonator Gary Roman’s show: Prepare to be amazed by Gary Roman’s unique talents as he pays homage to the iconic Elvis Presley. He will revive the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll with his captivating act, getting you up and moving!

Delicious BBQ fare: Delight your palate with delectable burgers and hotdogs that have been expertly grilled. It will be tough to resist these delightful goodies because the air will be filled with the enticing fragrances of the barbecue.

Sweet treats: No summer celebration is complete without a variety of mouth-watering desserts. Various delicious sweets are available to satisfy your sweet craving, leaving you wanting more.

Refreshing Drinks: Pimms and Caribbean Punch will help you cool off on a hot summer day. These iconic summer beverages will satisfy your thirst and give the celebrations a touch of the tropics.

Draw for a Raffle Prize: Enter our exciting raffle for a chance to win attractive prizes. You can try your luck while raising the event’s excitement and anticipation.

Fun & Celebrations: The ‘Summer BBQ Fest’ promises a day full of joy and celebration. There will be plenty to enjoy, whether dancing to Elvis’ greatest hits, feasting on delectable food, or trying your luck in the raffle. This event will be unique thanks to the lively atmosphere and the presence of friends and family.

Free Admission: The ‘Summer BBQ Fest’ is open to everyone without charge. We want to ensure everyone can come and celebrate summer with us. Decide on a date, collect your loved ones, and travel to Larchfield House for a day of pure pleasure.

Food and Drinks: Although admission is free, we respectfully ask that visitors pay for their food and beverages. With this arrangement, you can pick the menu items that appeal to you most, allowing you to indulge in your preferences while supporting the event. The ‘Summer BBQ Fest‘ at Larchfield House is a celebration of summer that brings happiness and connection to our dementia care residents. It’s a chance for them to engage their senses, enjoy familiar traditions, create joyful moments, and spend quality time with their loved ones. We are committed to providing enriching experiences that enhance our residents’ well-being, and the ‘BBQ Summer Fest’ is a shining example of that commitment. Enjoy a day of delicious food, enjoyable entertainment, and unlimited fun with us. Make lifelong memories with your family, friends, and Auntie Flo by inviting them along. We anticipate your arrival and are excited to welcome you to this fantastic event!

Please RSVP us at your convenience to confirm your attendance and let us know the number of guests joining you. We kindly request that you reach out to us at 01628 639428 or with your response. Your timely response will greatly assist us in planning and ensuring a wonderful experience for all attendees. We look forward to hearing from you and having the pleasure of your company at our ‘Summer BBQ Fest‘ at Larchfield House.

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