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BBQ Party 2023

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BBQ Party 2023

Smoke wafted through the air, laughter echoed, and the sounds of sizzling grills set the stage for an unforgettable BBQ party. We recap the highlights and outcomes of a day filled with delights, friendly gathering, and a whole lot of fun.

The BBQ party started with a burst of flavour as our Chef and kitchen staff showcased their culinary skills. From perfectly juicy burgers, the grills were ablaze with delectable creations that had everyone’s taste buds dancing. Our chosen venue, with its sprawling greenery and cosy seating, provided the perfect backdrop for a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. As residents and staff gathered around picnic tables and cosy corners, connections were strengthened, and new friendships formed. The party ambience was elevated with live music that had everyone tapping their feet and dancing. The laid-back tunes created an atmosphere of celebration, turning the BBQ into a true outdoor fiesta. No BBQ is complete without a sweet ending, and ours featured a Ice cream truck that delighted everyone’s sweet tooth. From sorbet to gelato, the desserts added the perfect finishing touch to an already indulgent day.

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