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Global Tea Party

This Global Tea Party is celebrated with the Nutrition and Hydration week, Its purpose is to bring people together to create energy, focus and fun in order to highlight and educate people on the value of food and drink in maintaining health and well being in health and social care.

Tea Time continues to be a great reminiscing activity for older people, and people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Steeped in history and class, afternoon tea is the perfect occasion to come together with friends and family to enjoy delicious treats and one another’s company. We have written a short blog to explain why Afternoon Tea is a good activity for older people.

Afternoon tea provides a relaxed and sociable setting where older adults can gather with friends or family, encouraging connections and prevents feelings of isolation. It is often nice to relax, sit back and enjoy your Afternoon Tea. Afternoon Tea is usually served in a calming environment where you can unwind and be in the moment.

The ambiance of afternoon tea with beautiful table settings, nice cutlery and a inviting tearoom creates a sense of elegance and enjoyment. Engaging in the ritual of afternoon tea can encourage older people to spark conversation, reminiscence on old memories, and enjoy time spent with others whilst laughing and smiling. The calm soothing environment can also help to reduce stress and anxieties.

Pet Therapy

Introducing therapy animals, such as dogs and cats, into our dementia care program has proven to be a source of pure joy. The gentle presence of these furry companions creates an immediate connection, offering comfort and companionship to our residents. The non-judgmental and unconditional love offered by therapy animals often encourages residents to communicate more openly, fostering meaningful interactions and reducing feelings of isolation. The tactile experience of petting a soft fur coat, the rhythmic sound of a purring cat, or the exuberance of a playful dog can evoke positive emotions and trigger memories, providing moments of comfort and happiness. The introduction of animal-assisted therapy into our dementia care program has unveiled a world of healing possibilities. As we witness the genuine smiles, hear the laughter, and observe the positive effects on our residents, we are reminded of the extraordinary power of the human-animal bond.

Here’s to the paw-sitive impact of animal therapy, the healing moments it brings, and the ongoing commitment to enhancing the lives of our dementia patients.

Memory Café

In our ongoing commitment to fostering a supportive and enriching environment for our residents, we recently hosted a Memory Café, an initiative designed to provide a warm and welcoming space for individuals and their loved ones. Join us as we reflect on the meaningful moments, connections, and support shared during this special gathering.

The Memory Café opened its doors to a warm and inviting atmosphere. The carefully curated space aimed to create a sense of comfort and familiarity, soft lighting, comfortable seating, and soothing background music set the tone for a relaxed and engaging experience. Attendees, including individuals living with dementia. their loved ones, and their caregivers, found solace in the shared experience. Conversations flowed freely, and the café became a hub for connection and companionship. The understanding and support exchanged among participants created a sense of community that transcended the challenges posed by dementia.

The Memory café served as a safe space for open conversations about the challenges and triumphs of living with dementia. The empathetic environment allowed participants to express their feelings, share their stories, and find solace in the understanding of others who faced similar journeys.

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