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Have you got any time to spare to volunteer?

Larchfield House Dementia Care Specialist Care Home

Larchfield are always looking for volunteers, if you have a few hours to spare during the week or even at the weekend we would love to hear from you.

Volunteering can make a big difference to someone’s life seeing you on a regular basis for social interaction and stimulation. This in turn can give you a feeling of personal accomplishment knowing you are making a difference to someone’s life.

It is said that the benefits to a volunteer can be as far reaching as boosting your psychological wellbeing.

Our current volunteers help from the activities and stimulation perspective through to one to ones. You can listen to some wonderful stories about our resident’s lives, get to know what kind of music they like or what they did for a career. As the weather improves this gives us great opportunities to sit in our lovely garden with a cup of tea, piece of cake and a chat. Joining in with larger activities is always welcome, from singing to watching a lovely musical or old time western.

If you would like to know more about becoming a volunteer at Larchfield House why not take a look at our website www.larchfield.care , give Jane a call on 01628 635936 Ext 205 or come in to meet the team and have a chat.

Here’s an interesting humanistic approach article on Dementia

In Japan there are thousands of people living with dementia and one of there problems is that people tend to wander then get lost, this is quoted as a high priority problem as the numbers are in the thousands. They have now created identification badges and also have developed thumb sized trackers to help find the people and get them to safety. It states that some are actually never found. They also have groups who go round checking on people living alone with dementia, these they say are easy to spot because of the state of the houses or dwellings. This has unfortunately led them to find people who have passed away on their own with no one to notice they have not been seen for a while. This is an inspirational little video and shows you how working with the community can bring great benefit and care to those living with dementia. This video is brought to us by Nobe Media AB and the BBC. Please follow the link below to watch the video.

Ref URL: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/business-48287283/how-japan-is-keeping-people-with-dementia-safe

Larchfield House Dementia Specialist Care Home promote and encourage community understanding and awareness of Dementia and strive to support those living with dementia.

Science Daily report on exercise helping to protect against Alzheimer’s

They report that higher levels of activity may help to protect you against Alzheimer’s.  The findings reported that their study showed physical activity appeared to have positive effects on slowing cognitive decline and remarkably reduced the speed of tissue loss.  The process of Alzheimer’s is said to start decades before any symptoms actually show. All studies are based on trying to reduce risks and this is borne out by all the studies around exercise, diet and life style choices.

Larchfield House Dementia Care Specialists pride ourselves in providing regular exercise from Balloon tennis to the sessions with our G-Fitness instructor. Recently we have introduced pedal cycle exercise this works very well and the residents thoroughly enjoy the experience. This is an essential part of the daily lives of our residents. Reference URL: https:// www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/07/190716193543.htm

If you would like to know more please contact us on 01628 639428 and have a chat.

Latest news and stats on dementia

The Daily Mail runs a front page article on dementia hoping to raise awareness with the government of the impact this has on families and those living with dementia. They are running a petition which over 219,000 people have signed to highlight to the government, that they need to take action now. The plea in the petition is also about people living with dementia having to sell their homes to pay for care costs.

The Alzheimer’s Society have also reported that since 2017 dementia patients have spent one million unnecessary days in hospital, costing the NHS over £400m. The Society’s argument is why when they were well enough to go home.

Let’s hope this is taken forward and dementia is recognised as a growing condition and within that a need for specialist care to make sure that people living with dementia live well.

Larchfield House Dementia Care Specialists are dedicated to supporting research towards finding a solution for dementia. At present we are proposing a research project on diet and its effect on the development of dementia and also the benefits of a balanced diet for mid to late stages of dementia. We are also dedicated to supporting our local community to provide advice, help and sharing of information and knowledge with the general public to raise awareness.

Larchfield Family Support Group

Larchfield Family Support Group – This is an informal group for families to meet other relatives, get to know them and have someone to share their feelings and emotions with. The next dates for the group are the 3rd August and 31st August all at 2pm to 4pm. Any queries please call Jane on 01628 639428 Ext: 204.

Why not come along and meet some other relatives for a chat over a nice cup of coffee!